Generally, individuals who are denied entry into the U.S. or who are undergoing removal proceedings are held in detention pending a final determination in their case. Unfortunately, with the backlog of cases around the U.S., individuals could find themselves detained for months before a hearing in their case. If your family member has been detained in a detention facility, getting them released is probably your top priority. You may be able to get them released quickly by paying a bond. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you file a motion for a bond hearing and represent you during the proceedings. For more information about filing a motion for bond, contact the skilled Nevada immigration lawyers at Janda Law.

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A bond hearing is a very important legal process that can impact the well-being of an individual held in immigration detention. As with any legal process, the immigration judge will make a decision based on the evidence before him. It is important that you have a knowledgeable immigration lawyer who understands the law and can defend your case before the immigration judge. If you have a family member in immigration detention, contact Janda Law to speak to one of our Nevada immigration lawyers. Your initial consultation is free, so call us today at 702-758-8888 to schedule an appointment.

What is an Immigration Bond?

When a non-US citizen is detained by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), they may be released on bond pending the final determination of removal proceedings. An initial bond is set by DHS, and the detainee may request a bond hearing before an immigration judge to redetermine the amount of bond set by DHS.

A bond hearing is just like any other court process with its own procedures for requesting and conducting a hearing. A skilled immigration lawyer will be able to advise on whether an immigration judge can hold a bond hearing in a particular case and an individual’s chances of success in a bond hearing.

What Does the Judge Consider in a Bond Hearing?

When considering a request for a bond, an immigration judge will consider several factors in determining whether the individual is eligible for a bond. If the individual is eligible for a bond, then the next determination is whether to release the individual from detention. To make a decision on the individual’s release, the immigration judge will consider:

  • whether the individual’s release would pose a danger to others
  • whether the individual is likely to appear for further immigration proceedings
  • whether the respondent is a threat to national security

The judge will make a determination based on the evidence presented in your case. That’s why you need an immigration lawyer with experience filing and arguing motions for a bond. Our immigration law team at Janda Law has the experience and resources to protect your interest in the bond hearing process. 

Get Help for Detained Immigrants from the Nevada Immigration Lawyers at Janda Law

If your loved one is currently detained in an immigration center, Janda Law can help you. Whether you need to file an initial motion for bond or you need to appeal an immigration judge’s bond decision, Janda Law has the legal knowledge and resources to help you. Let the compassionate and experienced immigration lawyers at the Janda Law help you and your detained loved ones. Contact us today at 702-758-8888 to schedule your free consultation.